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Drain clogs and stoppages are fairly common, but that doesn't mean they are so easy to diagnose and fix. If you have a small drain clog or a more serious issue causing your drain to back up, you can always call on Big Jerry's Plumbing---a professional drain cleaning service. We have the proper tools and all the experience to handle your clogs. No matter which drain, you can relax, because we'll diagnose the issue, and handle it with ease. This is the type of drain cleaning Lakewood WA families can count on.

Many clogs are caused by some kind of error, where materials have been put down a toilet or sink, that probably shouldn't have been put there. Maybe you've unclogged some of these yourself, but other times an experienced drain cleaning company must be brought in. Furthermore, in some cases, what may seem like a simple clog of the drain, is really an indicator of a larger issue with your main drain line--which means your sewer line is clogged. There's no worries there either, because we do sewer cleaning, sewer camera inspections, and if your drain is clogged up because of a faulty sewer line, we can give solutions for handling that problem as well!
The staff at Big Jerry's Plumbing has decades of experience and there's almost no issue that we haven't seen and fixed successfully---even some truly odd ones. Kitchen plumbing, bathroom drains, all the way out to your main side sewer drain line, you won't need to call on anyone else. One phone call to our Lakewood drain cleaning pros and your problem is as good as fixed. We always present you with up-front pricing to get the situation under control. Having Some Drain Problems? Call Big Jerry's Plumbing immediately and let us get it right (the very first time) for you!  206-348-2923
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