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  1. Sewer Scope Tacoma WA

Get A Clearer View with a Sewer Scope in Lakewood

  • ​​Expert Side Sewer Video Camera Inspections
  • You'll Find Out the True Cause of Your Drain Clogs
  • This Can Reveal Sewer Cracks, Breaks, & Root Intrusions
  • A Lakewood Sewer Scope, Repair & Replacement Specialist
  • Got an Emergency Sewer Backups? Call Us 24/7!

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The Side Sewer or main drain line on your property is buried under the ground, so it's very easy to take for granted. But, a clog in that main line can very quickly shut down your plumbing and threaten the health of your home or business. When sewer line clogs and backups occur, you are going to want a professional drain cleaning and sewer cleaning company. In some cases though, the cause of the clog may not be so clear. That's why a real pro can provide you with Sewer Camera Inspection or a Sewer Scope in Lakewood.

A Sewer Camera Inspection helps you to know precisely how your line is clogged and how it is functioning. Big Jerry's Plumbing has the expertise to get your a proper sewer scope in Lakewood that can reveal possible cracks and breaks in the sewer line. Compromised sewer lines often easily allow tree roots and other materials into the line, which can make for quicker and more frustrating clogs. The are some of the older sewer lines in Lakewood which can be made of materials that themselves are beginning to break down and could possibly collapse altogether. You want to get a professional sewer expert on your side for a clear sewer video camera inpection, and we are ready to help! 
An inspection may reveal a clear need for sewer line repair or replacement, in which case Big Jerry's Plumbing can present you with some clear options. Our experts try to be as clear as possible when presenting possible solutions---and we will always try to find the most affordable solution for your situation. Are you in possible need of sewer scope in Lakewood or in the surrounding area? Then don't hesitate to call Big Jerry's Plumbing for expert investigation and diagnosis of any sewer line clog or problem.  206-348-2923
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