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Who has ever liked to be without hot water in their home? Worse yet, who likes finding out that their water heater is leaking onto the floor around it? No these situations are not fun for you as a homeowner, and businesses can't appreciate it much either. Big Jerry's Plumbing gives your water heater problems an easy solution. Calling on us and our decades of experience working with these important fixtures, gives you faster and more reliable solutions for water heater replacement and water heater repair in Tacoma.

Sometimes it's easy to figure out if something is malfunctioning, or if your water heater is very old and should probably just be replaced, but other times, you'll need specific diagnosis. We want to give you expert water heater service whether you have an electric water heater, a gas water heater, or even a tankless water heater. Big Jerry's Plumbing works on and installs all sizes of tanks and tankless water heaters for you and your peace of mind.
Big Jerry's Plumbing is locally owned and operated, so we want to solve problems and give excellent service for any plumbing issue, especially Tacoma's water heater problems. If we say that your water heater is fine with just a repair, you can trust in our recommendations. If we find that the water heater is too old and may have rusted out (water heater life expectancy is around 8-10 years), you can rely on the fact that we will stand by our diagnosis and that we can handle the complete replacement for you, and even provide the new water heater. All of us here at Big Jerry's Plumbing aim to serve you so well that you'll find we're the only water heater repair and complete plumbing company you'll ever need to call!  Call us today at 206-348-2923.
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